Barney's Gun

A fun trick with a business card that has a picture of a gun


Display the 6 gun  cards ask the spectator to draw a bullet on the back of one of the cards.  Tell them to load the gun by placing the bullet anywhere in the group of 6 cards with the backs of the cards facing the spectator.  Your turn your back while this happens asking them to count from the left where the bullet is and remember the secret number.

Turn the cards with the bullet facing down and to spread the cards then to pick a random number between 1 and 6 take that many cards from the top of the stack and shift to the bottom.  You then name a random number as follows.  If the spectator names 1 you name 2. If they name 2 you name 1. If they name 3 you don't give a random number. If they name 4 you name 5 if they name 5 you name 4.

You then tell them to spread the cards and remove the secret number from the top.  The bullet card is now 3rd from the top.  You tell them to take aim with the stack of cards and the gun misfires(move the card from the top of the stack to the bottom).  Take aim again and the gun misfires (move card from top to bottom).  Then they are to take aim a 3rd time and the gun fires.