Best Drug Rehabilitation Offers Multiple Pathways for Rehabilitation

About Best Drug Rehabilitation

Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment through an inpatient program in Manistee, Michigan. Clients follow a course specifically designed to suit their personal goals and interests, giving them a stake in their own recovery. The professionals at Best Drug Rehabilitation emphasize the importance of developing communication skills, which enable clients to face their problems in healthy ways, rather than turning to substances.

While many programs only treat the physical aspects of addiction, Best Drug Rehabilitation believes that individuals cannot overcome a substance abuse problem without also addressing the emotional and psychological causes. At the Manistee, Michigan, facility, clients learn how to confront others in a constructive manner and how to communicate so they can deal with problems as they occur, rather than permitting them to compound. Through coursework and counseling sessions, they learn how to acknowledge emotions and express thoughts and feelings effectively.

Clients choose between five primary rehabilitation modalities according to their own self-improvement goals and past experiences. The Self-Help Enhancement Track allows individuals to participate in motivating support groups and build lasting relationships. This track includes meetings, lectures, and meditation. The Faith-Based Track connects rehabilitation to religious and spiritual beliefs; individuals may choose to study the Bible, pursue counseling with ordained clergy, or engage in a number of other options. The Holistic Track emphasizes self-empowerment through meditation, yoga, therapy, and martial arts training, and the Indigenous Track utilizes teachings developed by White Bison, Inc. Best Drug Rehabilitation also offers a personalized track that stresses one-on-one counseling.

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