Real Alternatives Provides Options to Women Who Are Pregnant

About Real Alternatives

Launched in 1996 through a state-sponsored initiative to lower abortion rates, Real Alternatives originally served women through 72 centers across Pennsylvania. It later became the administrator of a series of Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Programs that extended the organization’s services to women in Indiana and Michigan. Real Alternatives has increased its number of locations over the years and currently operates through 135 centers across the three states. 

Real Alternatives’ services focus on mentoring and supporting women with alternatives to abortion and providing them with the support needed to avoid crisis pregnancies and protect their reproductive health. The organization encourages women to choose childbirth over abortion and connects them to resources for adoption education. For women who wish to raise their child themselves, it offers classes to improve parenting skills. In addition, women who visit one of Real Alternatives’ locations can receive information about sexually transmitted diseases and their rights in the event a family member, doctor, or boyfriend tries to pressure them into an abortion. 

Over the course of its history, Real Alternatives has garnered the Certified Seal of Excellence from the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO). Furthermore, reports indicate that services have played a significant role in lowering abortion rates.


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