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How to Download XBOX Games with Ease?

Xbox is one of the greatest game consoles out there and its games are downloadable online. It is not much harder to get them uploaded as well as running. I myself came to know after I bought a hard drive where I found Tiger direct. It was capable to score a 250 GB hard drive at the cost of $70 at the time of Christmas a few years back. Can you suppose how many games and movies that equal to, indeed a lot of!

After I installed the drive I started to download movies and the games like a crazy guy. After 8 months of having such a new and enhanced Xbox, I managed to fill half of its space. I could even delete some games and movies but I did not need to free up my space.

Getting the games up and running on Xbox isn’t very difficult and it would not cost you a fortune when compared with the amount you could spend on 5 games. I suggest not more than a price of 1 game a month you can have 20 games. No need to say that you don’t need to pay for the movies, because you just download them from the subscription site, upload them on Xbox and watch them on bigger screen.

Here is what all you need to do this.

It doesn’t seem to be much. The modified Xbox is needed to install the larger hard drives and the software that you want to play movies as well as download games. If you do not want to purchase a pre-modified Xbox or if you know how it can be soldered, you can buy a soft boot CD. You just have to put the CD in and start downloading. Internet connection, no need to say anything, by few hours I mean it may take some time for downloading. Lastly, the DVD burner is needed if and only if you want your movies or games to burn on DVD, otherwise this requirement is optional. However, most of the games do not fit on CDs, therefore, you need a DVD or otherwise you can upload them via Ethernet Wire. You can also try Agar Hack to get games and their cheats for free.