by Cindy Cooper

Running On Glass ... the stories

A sports scholar entices her friend, a designer and running buddy, to help envision a pop-up museum about women in sports.

Six characters from sports history come alive, along with the challenges and successes they face, including:

-Gertrude Ederle, known as “America’s sweetheart,” swims the English Channel with such speed that she beats the records of the men before her by five hours.

-Althea Gibson rises from a rugged childhood to become the first African-American star in world-class tennis.

-Gretel Bergmann crashes derogatory notions of athleticism as a Jewish-German track medalist preparing to compete in the 1936 “Nazi” Olympics. 

-Wilma Rudolph, once advised by doctors that she would never walk, instead becomes the fastest woman sprinter in international competition.

-Mamie (Peanut) Johnson takes to the mound in professional baseball as a winning pitcher in the all-male Negro Leagues after being turned down by women’s teams.

-Babe Didrikson, an all-around athlete of towering confidence and unmatched ability, earns four track and field world titles in one day and later captivates the golf world.

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