Product Updates

October 9th, 2012 - Product Updates

New Features – iFrame Element, Custom Footer

We released a couple of new features that let you take customizing your Onepager to a new level.

iFrame Element

Onepagers have long supported being able to embed photos and videos, but many customers have requested the ability to use iFrames. iFrames are great because they allow someone building a site to include many types of content from other websites. We’re working on putting together a list of some of the more useful things you can use an iFrame for, but some that pop to the front of our minds are a Google Calendar, a ZocDoc widget or a Wufoo form. As you can imagine, this lets you do all sorts of new things with your Onepager!

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September 25th, 2012 - Product Updates

New Features – Twitter/Blog Feed, Password Protection, Custom Free Onepager Address

We pushed out a few new features last night and wanted to give a quick rundown.

Custom Free Account Address

If you’re a free account user, you can now update your Onepager address to whatever you’d like. Previously, free accounts were limited to four random characters. Now you can have more control over how people find your site! Check out the Domains section of the Dashboard.

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September 17th, 2012 - How To, Product Updates

Introducing Ecommerce for Onepager

One of our most popular feature requests has always been the ability to sell products through Onepager. Today we bring good news.

Introducing easy ecommerce

We’ve partnered with the easy payment company¬†Gumroad to bring this awesome new functionality to Onepager. Now you can quickly start selling products on your site, all by enabling the Sell element in the editor. Whether it’s a physical product, digital download, or a general payment request (think collecting on an invoice), the Sell element lets you transact easily.

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