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March 12th, 2013

New Feature: Onepagers Now Fully Responsive

We’re excited to introduce some major improvements to how Onepager sites are displayed on all sorts of devices.

The original concept for Onepager was for business owners to be able to create a simple website that looks great on every device someone could be using to see your site. We felt good about how we’ve handled how sites are displayed on tablets and smartphones, but with our latest release, our support is better than ever.

Fully responsive

‘Responsive’ is a popular trend in web design and development that allows for a site to look great no matter the resolution of the visitor’s device. It’s done by automatically adjusting how the site is laid out based on the width of the device. The real benefit is that instead of using common dimensions to figure out how to display your site, responsive optimizes for any width. That means, in a way, a responsive site is ‘future-proof’. No matter what device is introduced in the future, a responsive site will look great on it.

Give it a try

A good way to test out the responsiveness of your site (if you’re using a computer) is to change the size of the browser window. As you make the window smaller or larger, the elements reposition and the site becomes optimized for that particular size. You can see the effect on your Onepager right now.

More to come

This change lays the groundwork for a big update in the coming weeks. We’ll share more about that soon, but in the meantime, enjoy being responsive!