March 22nd, 2013 - Featured Onepagers

Onepager of the Week: Guitar Class

A very simple site for a guitar school in Australia is our Onepager of the Week!

Guitar Class is a new guitar-focused music school in Chatswood, NSW, which is near Sydney, Australia. They say they take a unique approach to structuring their lessons by taking into consideration the music a student listens to. That sounds like a great way to make learning fun as who wouldn’t want to learn how to play their favorite songs?

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March 15th, 2013 - Featured Onepagers

Onepager of the Week: Maduro Cigar Boutique

A well-stocked cigar shop from Arizona is our Onepager of the Week!

Why we like it

Maduro Cigar Boutique is a retailer of fine cigars in Carefree, Arizona. Looking at their site, you definitely get a feeling of ‘being there’. You can almost imagine sitting down in one of their padded outdoor chairs and smoking a nice cigar as the fan above keeps you cool in the warm Arizona afternoon. Right?

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March 12th, 2013 - Product Updates

New Feature: Onepagers Now Fully Responsive

We’re excited to introduce some major improvements to how Onepager sites are displayed on all sorts of devices.

The original concept for Onepager was for business owners to be able to create a simple website that looks great on every device someone could be using to see your site. We felt good about how we’ve handled how sites are displayed on tablets and smartphones, but with our latest release, our support is better than ever.
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March 8th, 2013 - Featured Onepagers

Onepager of the Week: Sathon Notary

Gorgeous graphics and a subtle color palette make this notary website our site of the week!

Sathon Notary is a public notary in beautiful Los Angeles, California. What makes them unique is that they are also a mobile notary, which means they’ll come to you! That definitely beats getting on one of southern California’s freeways to have your documents notarized.

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March 1st, 2013 - Featured Onepagers

Onepager of the Week: Daria Mogilnikova

A marketer from Russia created a great one page website highlighting her unique talents and services she provides to her clients.

Why we like it

Daria Mogilnikova is a PR and marketing professional from Russia. She helps her customers get found and with her attention to details, we’re sure those customers get a great service.

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February 28th, 2013 - Product Updates

Improved International Language Support

You’ve always been able to create a Onepager in ANY language, but this new release introduces a few small improvements.

Hello in many languages

You can find Onepagers in Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and many other languages from all around the world. But some of our wonderful customers pointed out that a few items were always in English, like the days of the week (Mon-Fri) for the hours content module, the Subscribe button for the Newsletter module, and the Submit button for the custom form module.

We’ve now translated these items into German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese. These translations are displayed automatically based on your computer’s language settings. We’ve also set the groundwork for more internationalization features in the future. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like us to add your language to the translations.

February 22nd, 2013 - Featured Onepagers

Onepager of the Week: Frank’s Shoe Repair

Shoes have been repaired by Frank’s in San Francisco since 1934. While the team at Frank’s is hard at work, their website is marketing their business for them.

Why we like it

Frank’s Shoe Repair is a San Francisco institution that has been repairing footwear and leather goods for nearly 70 years. We’re happy a company with such a track record (sorry for the pun!) chose Onepager to build their first-ever website. Their site is fairly basic, but it’s professional and effectively communicates what their shop does and how to do business with them. We like the site because of this straightforwardness and lack of heavy marketing and branding. In many ways, it’s refreshing.

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February 15th, 2013 - Featured Onepagers

Onepager of the Week: Miyako Japanese Restaurant

Miyako is a Japanese restaurant that makes some very photogenic sushi and Japanese plates. We’re sure they taste great too!

Why we like it

Miyako Japanese Restaurant is a eatery in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Their Onepager is pretty simple with the goal of showing a good selection of their impressive and colorful food creations. That’s done with a couple of nice rolls in the background. The one with avocado on it looks like some sort of insect, right? They also have a nice gallery in the page that gives more color and texture to the site. We also like their simple color scheme and of course the Google Map showing where to find them.

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February 12th, 2013 - Advice, How To

See Your Site How Others Do: Incognito Mode

When doing search engine optimization for your website, it’s important to view the world through your visitor’s eyes.

It used to be easy: search for your site, see where you rank.

Now that Google and other search engines use your social network connections to influence your page rankings, it can be hard to understand how you’re doing. If you look through your custom tailored view of the internet, your site will often look like it ranks higher than it actually does. This is thanks to how you and your connections have “Liked,” “Tweeted,” or “+1ed” your site.

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February 8th, 2013 - Featured Onepagers

Onepager of the Week: John Street Garage

John Street Garage uses some gorgeous photography to create a great simple website. Their beautiful pics help make them our site of the week!

Why we like it

John Street Garage is from Auckland, New Zealand (we’ve been getting a lot of love from the Kiwis!) that specializes in “home treasures and nest feathering”. That sounds like interior decorations to us and the excellent photos they use make that obvious enough.

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