October 2nd, 2013 - Customer Spotlights

Why Farmer Rick Quit His Desk Job To Start An Organic, Sustainable Farm

When Rick Reddaway realized he was born to farm, he left his office job and set up shop on a quarter acre of land. Since starting Abundant Field Farms, he’s been selling his fresh produce at farmer’s markets and local restaurants, taking “growing business” to literal and figurative heights.

Rick Reddaway Abundant Field Farms

Tell us about Abundant Fields Farm and how you got started.

It’s a very small farm, less than an acre.  I grew up on my dad’s property farm and loved it, but ended up working in the construction industry, specifically with elevators. I was in the project management side of that, then a couple years ago I kept realizing over and over that I didn’t like sitting behind a desk, that I’d rather be digging in the dirt. I just had this urge to farm, which was spurred by visiting farmers markets and buying organic and local products. So I took the plunge and quit—what to me was—a high paying job. I started out very small, selling at one farmer’s market and one small restaurant account.
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September 17th, 2013 - Advice, General

The Survey Results Are In: Small Businesses Share Similar Concerns

We asked our readers what their concerns are as small business owners and we’ve gathered some good data to share.

You see it happen everyday—a new flower shop on your block; a trendy coffee bar on the way to work; a fancy clothing boutique downtown. Small businesses pop up all the time, often in places we can see them and more often in places we can’t. If you’ve dreamed of running your own show, you may have wondered about these precious undertakings. How did the owner(s) finance the company, figure out all the legal mumbo-jumbo, and market the brand? How did they know where to start? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. In fact, we surveyed a bunch of small business owners about these very issues and came up with some interesting data—numbers and insights that will help you and your friends feel less alone, and guide your company (or idea) in the right direction.

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August 20th, 2013 - Customer Spotlights

How Harvester Barber Shop Used Onepager to Bring an Old-Fashioned Family Business Online

Amy Balentine built a website for her dad’s barber shop as a Father’s Day gift and found a simple website builder that worked across generations.

After recently moving back to Kansas City from San Francisco, Amy Balentine was thinking about a father’s day gift for her dad.

“I just started to think I should do a website for him,” Amy recently told us in a phone conversation.

Amy’s dad George is the owner of the Harvester Barber Shop in Saint Charles, Missouri. After working at the shop in the mid 60′s, he bought it a few years later and has owned it ever since.

“My dad is 70 and being that he’s a barber, he really doesn’t have much use for email,” she said. “He doesn’t have an iPhone or a Facebook account. He wasn’t very familiar with Yelp. He didn’t need a whole bunch of links or features. I had to explain to him that this is like a digital form of a billboard or newspaper ad.”

Here’s the rest of our conversation about how she used Onepager to bring her Dad’s business online.

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August 15th, 2013 - Customer Spotlights

Meet Sam Stone, the co-founder of a startup that helps businesses with their digital and social media strategy

Sam Stone is the co-founder of PromoteU, a startup that helps other businesses figure out their digital and social media strategies. Here’s his expert advice on why an online presence is the best initial investment, how to expand your audience with the right tools, and where to find the best gelato.

Sam Stone

Tell us a little about PromoteU and how you started it in the first place.

PromoteU was born out of experiences of my co-founder Sebastian’s father, who’s a dentist. Dentistry, like many other small businesses, is an industry where there’s a lot of interaction with customers, but it’s tough to figure out the best way to reach them. Sebastian found that some basic, really simple digital marketing—a Facebook page, text messaging marketing, basic web development—helped his dad’s business grow a lot.

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July 26th, 2013 - Product Updates

New Feature: Promotion Form

Our new Promotion form lets you set up contests and giveaways super quick!

Maybe it’s happened to you before. You’re going through your day as usual when you suddenly realize it: tomorrow is the one year anniversary of starting your business. How could you forget? You want to do something special on your website—like maybe a contest or giveaway—but there’s no time to design it from scratch. Never fear! We just released our Promotion feature, which allows you to create contests and giveaways all in a matter of seconds.

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July 22nd, 2013 - Customer Spotlights

Interview with Richard Morisson, he started his own company to create Onepagers for local businesses

Richard Morisson is an independent web developer based in San Francisco who uses Onepager to create websites for local businesses. Here’s what he told us about starting his own company, helping others expand their businesses, and why a simple webpage makes all the difference.

Tell us a little about your web development business and why you started it in the first place.

I was working on a website to market my resume writing services in 2012 and found Onepager through a Google search. I was really impressed, so I started building my website with it. But I got so excited about Onepager itself that I put my resume writing service on hold to see if I could instead design websites for other small businesses. Onepager was more intuitive and easier to use than WordPress or WebSite Tonight from GoDaddy. Now I’m working on my fourth website for other small businesses.

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May 9th, 2013 - General

Small Business Shared Experiences Survey

We want to know what your concerns are about small business so we’re better prepared to help.

Please take our short 2 minute, 5 question survey (anonymously if you wish) and we’ll publish the results on this blog when we’ve gathered enough data. 20 random survey participants will get Onepager T-Shirts and 1 will get a $50 Amazon.com gift card.

Take the Small Business Shared Experiences Survey »

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May 6th, 2013 - Product Updates

Form Submission Data Now Available On Your Dashboard

In addition to having the information emailed to you, the custom forms that your customers fill out are now accessible on your dashboard.

The custom form builder is one of Onepager’s most popular features. And with good reason! From contact forms to quote requests, custom forms are an invitation to get to know your customers and an opportunity to respond and show them the human side of your small business. Today, during our constant march to improve our product, we’re announcing form submissions data on your dashboard.

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May 3rd, 2013 - Product Updates

New Paypal Button Content Type

Adding a Paypal “Buy Now” button to your Onepager is now really easy!

Many of you guys and gals are already selling things on your Onepager with a Paypal button (like eggsnecklaces and rainboots), but we wanted to make things even simpler. Today, on Japan Constitution Memorial Day and Poland Constitution Day, we’re announcing the new Paypal Button content type.

Just enter in your item name, price, and Paypal account’s email address and that’s it! You can also select which currency you’d like to use (like a Peso, Ringgit, Sheqel or gold bars. Just kidding, you can’t accept gold bars through the Internet), upload an image, set a shipping price or tax rate. Take a look at this handy dandy step-by-step instructional graphic to see just how easy it is:

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May 2nd, 2013 - Product Updates

Agency Plan Bumped Up To 100 Users

If you’re an Agency Plan subscriber, you can now create up to 100 users to manage up to 100 Onepagers.

When our Agency Plan was released back in December, we started off with the ability to assign up to 20 additional users to help you manage your Onepagers. Turns out, our amazing customers wanted more! Some of you added private label Onepager as a service offered by your company and you wanted to be able to get 100 clients onto an Agency plan. Well, we are more than happy to oblige and feel free to contact us with more requests!