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3DAssurance, our joint venture website, can be accessed via https://www.3dassurance.com  Our twitter feeds, which are updated daily, can be accessed via :-
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13.04.19 Our review of ‘The Heat of the Moment: Life and Death Decision Making from a Firefighter’ by Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton can be accessed via this link https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-reviews/R2LZNVS3K5MYQB/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=085752576X

07.03.19 We are attending the Step Change Summit at the Home Office's Security and Policing 2019 event, Farnborough, Hampshire, facilitated by JSaRC.

05.02.19 Blackwell Security Consulting is three years old today.

01.01.19 - Wishing all our clients and their familes a Happy New Year.  We look forward to working with you throughout 2019 to deliver security certainty.

23.12.18 - We are quoted in the Daily Mirror's online feature covering Labour's call for an urgent drone inquiry following the London Gatwick incident.  Read our input via the link below.

01.12.18 - We've written an article on SeMS for Edition 2 of the Professional Security Officers Magazine (TPSOMag). Look out for the article which is due to be published in January 2019.  

28.11.18 We are regular contributors to the International Security Expo.  Our latest presentation covered Security Management Systems (SeMS) - Assuring Security In An Uncertain World.

27.11.18 - Discussing UK Aviation Security Management Systems (SeMS) with Andy Blackwell by Philip Ingram, MBE  Read the interview via this link 

21.11.18  We spoke about SeMS at the Safety and Security Conference Prague 2018.  It was great to be amongst like-minded individuals

05.10.18 We were honoured to moderate the SeMS Panel at IATA's AVSEC World Day Day in Athens on 01.10.18. Check out the video via this link:  https://youtu.be/L3SoyNLkYXM  Photos taken during the day can be viewed at https://flic.kr/s/aHsms1iQ6m

17.10.18 We were delighted to be able to input to the Security Institute's written submission to the UK Department for Transport consultation on  TAKING FLIGHT: THE FUTURE OF DRONES IN THE UK. https://security-institute.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/DfT-Response-from-SyI-final.pdf

01.10.18 Andy Blackwell and John Wood (3DAssurance) will be moderating the 'Security Management System (SeMS) in Practice – Components, Challenges and Benefits' session at IATA's AVSEC World Day in Athens

Sept 18 - We are proud to have been mentioned in ‘TPSO’s Social Media Recommendations’ feature in Issue 1 of The Professional Security Officer Magazine - an ‘ESSENTIAL READ’ publication for security personnel. https://theprofessionalsecurityofficer.com

Sept 18 - Proud to be included in TPSO's Security Industry Influencers List

July/August 18  Check out our article 'SeMS Myths, Fantasies and Fake News: five lessons' published in Aviation Security International magazine.

12.06.18 Great day at the 4th World Port Security Summit  meeting with like-minded individuals and speaking about SeMS.  Many thanks to INTERPORT POLICE for the invitation to participate.

10.06.18 We are looking forward to presenting 'SeMS for the Maritime Environment' at the 4th World Port Security Summit (INTERPORT POLICE) at the International Maritime Organisation's HQ in London.

24.05.18 John Wood and I presented 'SeMS for Travel' at the TINYg Travel Risk Symposium hosted by Virgin Atlantic at The Base at Crawley, West Sussex. Great meeting with like minded individuals.

12.04.18 Useful learning and insights at International Airport Review's AGM in London today.  Worth subscribing to IAR's magazine, it's free!  

11.04.18 - 3DA assignment providing a SeMS Workshop to delegates attending the UKAS (DfT) Aviation Security Managers Course at Heathrow.  Useful learning on both sides and good levels on participation.  We are looking forward to the next course!

Proud to be a member of the International Security 2018 Advisory Council, working with like-minded individuals to create an event to tackle some of the most challenging threats to our citizens, borders and infrastructure.

Pleased to have been appointed as Non Executive Director with Osprey Flight Solutions

Pleased to have been appointed to the Security Committee of Project Griffin International, a non-profit police and security initiative designed to assist government, public authorities, transportation security, critical infrastructure, security operations, and mass event environments to implement strategic action in an environment to provide a safer and less vulnerable community.


You can read our input to Philip Ingram's informative feature entitled 'Risky Business' via this link 

We are delighted to have supported the Royal College of Nursing's Flight Nursing Workshop 2017 with our presentation 'Turbulence ahead: an overview of the enduring and evolving threat to civil aviation'.

Our input to LV's Burglary Prevention feature can be accessed via https://www.lv.com/atheart/features/11-ways-you-could-be-accidentally-advertising-your-home-to-burglars

We are looking forward to catching up with
like-minded individuals at UK Security Expo 2017 later this year. John Wood and I will be speaking on the subject of SeMS. 


Our latest security article 'Turbulence ahead' is published in issue 5 of International Airport Review.


We are guest speakers on UK Aviation Security Ltd's Department for Transport AVSEC Management Courses during 2018, covering the topic of Security Management Systems (SeMS).


We are partnering with the NCC Group to raise aviation security standards.


We are joint venture partner of 3DAssurance, the SeMS specialists, with John Wood, Managing Director of SeMSnet. 


Read Neville Hays article entitled To SeMS or not to SeMS published in International Airport Review 7 July 17.  We get a mention and credit is due to John Wood for developing the UK SeMS framework.  


We are grateful to have been able to contribute to Philip Ingram's piece for UK Security Expo 2017 on the topic of the Cyber Threat to Transport.  Access the article via this link.


We have been supporting G4S Risk Consulting with their aviation security projects in Ireland and Kuwait.  Download the case studies and further information via the link below.


Look out for our SeMS article which will be published in Global Elite's Newsletter on 6th June 2017.  Visit their website via http://www.globaleliteinc.com to sign up.

See UK Security Expo's Ask the Experts feature 60 seconds with Andy Blackwell.

Blackwell Security Consulting has been named as Best Risk Management Consultancy in Corporate Vision magazine’s 2017 Global Excellence Awards

Andy Blackwell's article 'Securing aviation by sensibly managing risk' alongside his 'Expert Panel' piece.

Andy's piece for LV Insurance - 8 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure This Spring.

Pleased to be a member of the Advisory Board of International Airport Review magazine.

We were named by Corporate Vision magazine as 'Most Innovative Risk Management Consultancy - UK Recognised Leaders in Transport and Travel Consulting - UK'  in the 2016 Consultancy Awards 

UK Security Expo 2016 - See the interview of Andy Blackwell, Principal of Blackwell Security Consulting

Professional Security magazine's coverage of UK Security Expo 2016 http://www.professionalsecurity.co.uk

Professional Security magazine's feature on Andy's presentation at UK Security Expo  'SeMS:  Assurance beyond compliance'.

Read Andy's article entitled 'Staying one step ahead of civil aviation threats' published in International Airport Review's online Security Series.

To see how SeMS helps airlines and airports achieve assurance of their security robustness see Andy's article published in International Airport Review magazine. 



We are a consultancy specialising in Security Mangement Systems (SeMS) and Risk Assurance support. 


We strive to help businesses implement and develop robust Security Management Systems (SeMS) so they can be secure, assured and successful.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:-


3DAssurance is a joint venture of the two principals (MDs of Blackwell Security Consulting and SeMSnet), who as the original pioneers of the Aviation Security Management Systems Framework (since published by the UK government to industry-wide acclaim), have become leading lights in the aviation security and Security Management Systems (SeMS) industry.  3DAssurance was formed specifically to deliver SeMS and risk assurance support.


We will provide you will an in-depth assessment of the key threats and risks facing or likely to impact your organisation, together with recommendations to enable you to mitigate these to an acceptable level.  The information we provide you with will enable you to make informed judgements.  We have an extentive network of credible contacts globally and have access to a wide range of relevant materials to enable us to complete the most thorough of assessments.


We view compliance as an opportunity to help make your business safer, more efficient and  profitable. We are able to test your security resilience and offer sensible solutions to mitigate any areas of concern.

We enjoy excellent relationships with key regulators and external agencies.​


We provide a wide range of specialist security consulting services designed to support your organisation's success.

Please contact us for details of your specific requirements


We provide a broad spectrum of learning and development options to equip your staff to safely manage threats and risks, gain a greater awareness of security events likely to impact your business, and implement robust Security Management Systems (SeMS).

Andy Blackwell, Principal - Biography

Andy is former Head of Security with Virgin Atlantic, with responsibility for all aspects of the airline's security programme, including threat assessment and security incident management. Andy managed many dynamic and high-profile security events during his time with the company. Prior to joining Virgin Atlantic he was UK Security Manager and Lead Threat Assessor with DHL. Andy has an extensive law enforcement and intelligence background, with previous service with UK Customs, British Transport Police, the National Criminal Intelligence Service and the National Drugs Intelligence Service of the Czech Republic.

Andy has been commended by the Metropolitan Police for demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and providing an exceptional level of service during a period of heightened threat against civil aviation interests. 

Andy is now Principal of Blackwell Security Consulting which specialises in threat and risk management, resilience, transport and travel security, and the creation and implementation of Security Management Systems (SeMS). Andy is a member of the  Advisory Board of UK Security Expo, the Advisory Board of International Airport Review, and the Editorial Panel of Aviation Security International magazine. He is a member of the Association of Security Consultants, the American Society for Industrial Security, and the Emergency Planning Society. Andy regularly speaks at international conferences and is a published author.

Andy is listed in the Top 50 Most Influential People in Security and Fire 2016 See http://www.ifsecglobal.com/top-50-most-influential-people-in-security-and-fire-results-announced/

​​For further information about how Blackwell Security Consulting or 3DAssurance can support you please contact us via:-

telephone +44 7944 257571 or
email andy@blackwell-security.co.uk 

Thank you for visiting our website

Andy Blackwell, RISC, MEPS
Managing Director
Blackwell Security Consulting

Registered at Companies House, England, Company Registration Number 09990926. Registered Office 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ 

Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Registration No. ZA166266.

Registered Independent Security Consultant (RISC) with the Association of Security Consultants. Membership number FM2068.

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Andy Blackwell, Principal of Blackwell Security Consulting, speaking at the Guild of Travel Management Companies Overseas Conference, Marco Island, Florida

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