Chris's American Restaurant

Considered the highest-grossing restaurant in Connecticut

About Chris’s American Restaurant

Restaurateur Chris Bruno has worked for decades to establish himself as a leader in the food service industry. Having trained under both European and American chefs, he studied at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, where he graduated from the Culinary Arts program in 1987. He also spent two years at the highly acclaimed L’Europe Restaurant in Vista, New York, and three years at Chuck’s Steak House in Danbury, Connecticut. At only 24 years old, he opened his first restaurant, Fiddler’s Restaurant, in Brookfield, Connecticut.

Originally an Irish pub when Chris Bruno purchased it in 1990, Fiddler’s Restaurant became a 65-seat bistro serving traditional and progressive American cuisine that reflected a fusion of flavors from Asia, the Southwest, and continental Europe. Drawing a sophisticated crowd between the ages of 27 to 50, the popular eatery garnered a dedicated following throughout the 1990s, with customer wait-times often up to an hour on the weekends.

In 2003, Fiddler’s Restaurant underwent an extensive renovation and was renamed Chris’s American Restaurant, after which the bistro’s popularity continued to grow. Ranked as the highest-grossing restaurant for several years in a row under Chris Bruno’s direction, Chris’s American Restaurant also received five stars for its cuisine in 2007 by Paul Evans, Inside Business’s restaurant critic. In 2010, after owning and operating the restaurant for 20 years, Bruno sold Chris’s American Restaurant to Eli Hawli, who established 189 Sports Cafe.

During his time in Brookfield as Owner and Operator of Fiddler’s Restaurant and Chris’s American Restaurant, Mr. Bruno served as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Restaurant Association. In this role, he was instrumental in arguing against proposals that lent themselves to unfair business practices, including smoking bans implemented on a town-by-town basis. Chris Bruno’s participation helped lead to a comprehensive smoking ban for restaurants through the state of Connecticut.


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