B2C Contentacious

Working on a Social Media strategy? Content not getting the RIO you hoped to achieve? KPI's out of order? Say no more!

Assist with Social Media Marketing

I bring you interesting content. A strategy purpose and a good headstart on your followers.

  • strategy options
  • content heading
  • lead generation
  • B2C / B2B
  • Communication / webcare

The story so far.

I wish to offer you usefull content, including tips and tricks, to update and improve your content strategy. The goal is to keep informed on the Social Media Strategy of tommorrow. It is new to bussiness  to start a Facebook page or Twitter, but kinda use it only for selling their items, without interacting and placing interesting debates about what your selling. This needs to change!

Please follow me at Twitter: @pappiejaime and here you can view my daily tweets on Content strategy and social media marketing reviews. It also contains scoup.it and Buffer added articles which are free to acces.

Check my stats at LinkedIn: J. van Campen, if you want to know my stats or wish to rekrute me for interested skills.

Through blogger: http://pappiejaime.blogspot.nl i have posted some interesting blogs about Philippines and history items.

On bubblews.com are also some interesting subjects on mixed matters about Philippines, history, Social Media, amongst others.