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David Benjamin is the President and CEO of Locus Traxx Worldwide.

David is a seasoned entrepreneur with several successful startups and turn around engagements to his credit.  His management and technology experience over the last 35 years has proven his ability to develop unique value propositions for markets worldwide. David joined the Board of Directors at Locus Solutions in July 2007.  In October 2008, David assumed the role of President and CEO to lead the global expansion of the first M2M product line focused on real-time monitoring of perishable and high value products as they transit the world.  He has extensive experience in Executive Management, Engineering, Operations, and International Business. 

David was classically trained in Chemistry / Chemical Engineering and worked in microelectronic R&D roles until the mid-80’s becoming a founding partner of ISI.  If you have heard "This call may be recorded or monitored..." then you know the revolution ISI brought to the market.  ISI was a leader in CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) at the start of the Call Center revolution and focused on developing the first fully digital call recording solution for financial and compliance industries.  Acquired in 1999, the ISI revolutionary products and team went on to define the Best of Breed in in the telecommunications world.

David is a graduate of Cornell’s United Fresh Produce Executive Leadership program, as well as serving on the Supply Chain Technology Council.  Lending his time and talent to social issues, David is also a strong Children’s advocate, serving as Vice President of the Jupiter Children’s Foundation.