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"A fist pump is a euphoric phenomenon after "X" tapped into C (coping skill), that helped "X" manage B (block), which allowed "X" to obtain A (accomplishment). A person must learn how to assertively adapt, improvise, and overcome episodes of adversity, conflict, and turmoil by mentally, emotionally, and physically enduring and persevering through inescapable resistance in order to thrive. Athletes must dig down deep in the heat of competition to win; People must dig down deep in the game of life to succeed. The deeper we dig, the higher we soar." © - Kirby Maus

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Digology™ is a 9-week educational and experiential program for men who are ready to be real, be honest, and be real honest with themselves and the support of other men. The curriculum teaches, coaches, and trains men nine constructive behaviors most parents don't role model to their children. The life-changing program includes two group and one individual session per week. Only nine men are allowed in each cohort. If you are motivated to grow, mature, and evolve as a son, brother, husband, father, or friend, email me to schedule a conversation for entry into Digology™.

Digology™ Classroom

Cohort #1 - 1/5/21 thru 3/9/21

Group sessions are 60-minutes on Tuesday evening and on Saturday morning. Individual sessions are 30-minutes on Thursday.

Kirby Maus, MC, LMFT, MBA

MFT #86480

Sports & Life in Psychotherapy

"We play by the rules. We show up. We are teachable. We are coachable. We warm up. We ask questions. We listen. We set a goal. We plan. We focus. We execute. We practice. We do our homework. We do our best. We crawl. We walk. We run. We have fun. We slip. We trip. We fall. We get dirty. We play hard. We keep score. We attack. We defend. We get knocked down. We pick ourselves up. We take timeouts. We pivot. We take risks. We get uncomfortable. We feel. We resist. We breathe. We press on. We do brave and courageous things. We sweat. We finish. We win or lose. We laugh and cry. We shake hands and hug. We reflect. We learn. We grow. We are grateful for the experience. We move on. We don't have to be good to play. We just need to dig down deep." © - Kirby Maus

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