Modular lighting installation

Disco-O-Tech is a modular lighting system of illuminated discs that can be hung in unique arrangements that then work together to display light patterns as a whole.

Each 2ft diameter acrylic disc has LEDs that light up the whole disc which then illuminates the surrounding area. The discs can be mounted on a wall or on free standing poles in a variety of different patterns. After the discs are hung, software is used to build a cohesive grid based off of where the discs are physically located and light/video patterns can be displayed across all the discs.

The overall effect of the lighting is between that of a video wall and a wall wash. Disc-O-Tech draws in viewers and illuminates an area in a unique way.


Disc-o-Tech Clusters

Here is the new hanging system in action!

Disc-O-Tech at the Museum of Flight!

Disc-O-Tech in action at Critical NW! Each column is 10ft tall here

Disc-O-Tech fun at the Opulent Temple stage during Noise Complaint.

Disc-O-Tech is growing! Here's 10 discs in action at a local club.

Here's an early stages demo video of the Disco-o-Tech lighting in action. More video to come as the project expands.

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