Start a Democracy Club

Change in 2020 begins with YOU, some like-minded friends, and snacks.

What is a Democracy Club?

A Democracy Club is a group of friends who gather once a month to engage with democracy in ways that support equality, truth, ethical government, and progressive politics.

Democracy Club members take action together, share ideas, and support each other. Ideally, with snacks. Like book club, but for democracy!

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Why start a Democracy Club?

Democracy literally means government by the people. But how do you get involved without walking into a political tornado? How do you take meaningful action when you barely have time or energy for family, friends, and basic self-care?

In a Democracy Club, you take monthly action with friends in a way that’s sustainable, energizing, fun, and, most importantly, effective.

You’ll strengthen your community and experience the deep satisfaction of knowing you stepped up when your country’s future is at stake.

How do I start a Democracy Club?

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Include "post pictures with #startademocracyclub so we can find each other"

What can a Democracy Club do together?

There are so many ways to engage with democracy and support progressive politics. Here are a few ideas:

Download our free guide, [How to Start a Democracy Club], for more ideas and information.

Who came up with the idea for Democracy Club?

We're a group of friends in Portland, Oregon, who found each other soon after the 2016 US election. We were early members of the grassroots community that formed in response to the election of what is now the Trump administration and party We volunteered and and helped others to get involved to work for Democratic victory in the 2018 midterm election.

As we turned our attention toward the general election in 2020, we wanted to create a more sustainable way to stay engaged while living joyful, well-rounded lives. The idea for Democracy Club was born, and we've been meeting once a month ever since.

Download the free Getting Started guide

Want to start your own Democracy Club? Download the step-by-step guide.

Democracy Club Getting Started Guide (PDF)