Top Quality Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

About Ev-charge America

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, EV-Charge America manufactures charging stations for electric vehicles. Serving municipal, commercial, and residential clients worldwide, EV-Charge America has developed products to meet the unique needs of each group.

EV-Charge America has the ability to provide citywide charging capabilities for municipal clients, as well as solar carport integration. The company’s line of ground-mounted charging stations can send text messages and e-mail alerts to both users and hosts. Charging options for commercial or fleet use include multi-vehicle stations that can be installed in parking lots, at businesses or industrial facilities, and in other locations. Clients requiring a charger for personal or residential use can take advantage of portable and smaller carry-along models.

All EV-Charge products come with a standard two-year warranty and are considered the "best-value-in-the-industry" thanks to the company’s commitment to providing industry-leading low prices for featured-packed products. For more information about the company or its products, please visit evchargeamerica.com.