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An Exclusive Gramercy & Flatiron Neighborhood Guide

Flatiron District
The Flatiron District is bounded on the north by the triangular Flatiron building known as the Fuller Building, built in 1902. At the time it was built, the Flatiron building was New York City's first skyscraper, and thought not only to be the tallest building in the world, but also the first skyscraper ever created.

Today the neighborhood is booming with abundant restaurants, shopping, and convenience.

Gramercy Park
Serene and upscale, the Gramercy Park neighborhood was named for the elegant one-square-block park of the same name created by Samuel B. Ruggles in 1831.

The townhouses around the park, built before the Civil War, are among the oldest and most outstanding in the city, and many tend to be handed down through the generations. Highly desirable for its classic architecture and close proximity to fine dining and shopping.

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