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We specialize in working with clients that are ready to make a change in their health for the better. They are looking to make massive improvements in their body's strength and composition, create more natural energy and longevity, and allow their body's to reach their full potential. Our clients are motivated, but need guidance on how best to reach their goals. We customize workouts based on goals, exercise experience, schedule, and equipment available.

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We offer three different monthly memberships to choose from.










About Us

With over 2 decades of health and exercise experience in a variety of modalities, we make an excellent team to help you reach your goals.

Calvin Powell

An ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Spin Instructor, and All Conference tennis player, Calvin has over 10 years lifting experience. He has trained with athletes including NFL players, pro bodybuilders, and more. He specializes in working with clients that are looking to make massive gains in strength and size, but truly enjoys helping anyone make progress towards their goals.

Jaclyn Powell

An ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, 200 RYT Yoga Instructor, and Registered Dietitian, Jaclyn is passionate about helping people love the way they feel in their bodies. She has experience with endurance modalities such as cycling, running, and triathlon, as well as weight lifting and yoga. As a dietitian, she is passionate about helping clients heal their bodies through proper nutrition and fueling.

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