How it came about.....

The Swag Pocket has been designed after many years of stripping, washing then re-making camping swags (no less than 4) of their bedding after each camping trip. Four sheet sets plus blankets took up much time and clothesline space. Then the time to remake and roll up the swags ready for storage until next time. I thought that there had to be an easier way of doing things so I came up with a design that is not only practical but also functional. 



Design Details

The Swag Pocket is just that, a pocket, that was created to be an all in one top and bottom sheet set design that slides over your mattress and into your camping swag with ease while reducing the overall size of the swag once rolled up.

Designed with fuctionality in mind, it has a generous sized top sheet that is fully sewn into the bottom sheet to a height of approximately a third of the way up the mattress. The bottom sheet slips over the entire mattress like a giant pillowcase. Very spacious sleeping yet keeping with the narrow mattress size. No extra overlap stored under your matress from ill fitting normal sized bed sheets which increases the overall size and no sheets riding up during the night.

The top sheet has extra width so there are no cold backs when you roll over and extra height space in the bottom half to be able to comfortably spread out. This design is a one size fits most (200L x I00W x 75H). The pocket also comes stored in a weather resistant utility bag that could be used as a boot bag to keep your boots from the elements instead of keeping them in the swag.


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