You've hit the jackpot... the Slot Machine is a roundup of upcoming, available, global aircraft maintenance slots updated for you here weekly.

It's absolutely no gamble.

You'll be a winner when it comes to using our Slot Machine!

How it works...

Open the Maintenance Slots Listing file below on this page and contact me (email or WhatsApp) quoting the reference number that you have interest in - and I will share more information with you. You can search by platform, region, date or service available using the column filters.

Maintenance Slots listing 1-4-23


Aircraft MRO Slots

Visit Aircraft MRO Slots  - a tool created to connect those seeking aircraft maintenance with leading global MRO providers. 

Whether you are a lessor, an airline or an MRO please complete the  form providing as much information as possible and we will respond promptly with best options for you.

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The Slot Machine from Aero-Phil Ltd

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