Nomadic way rules the Kyrgyz cuisine

The cuisine of Kyrgyzstan reflects its location and history that is it clearly indicates that it has come up from the necessities of nomadic people who live and survive in harsh weather conditions. The Kyrgyzstan food is influenced by the cultures of Roman and Greeks, Turkish and Persian, Arabian and Indian, Chinese and Russian therefore it won’t be wrong to say that the cuisine is a mixture of many cultures and traditions in all. The traditional food of Kyrgyzstan revolves around meat, breads and dairy products; the preparation of which is highly influenced by the nomadic lifestyle. Meat is an all time essential and vital ingredient of the cuisine here however few can afford it daily and others cannot. Since meat is used in almost every dish and the nomadic way of living hardly believed in growing vegetables and fruits therefore it is difficult for the vegetarian visitors to satisfy their hunger. Here men are supposed to be good at cooking and you will find mostly men chefs at the restaurants.

The people over here believe in preserving the taste and appearance of the dishes they prepare; and their dishes mostly have a plain taste. They are experts in making bread and pastries as breads form an integral part of their meals in addition to meat and dairy products. The main components of Kyrgyz cuisine are meat, bread and dairy products however fruits and vegetables are served as sides only since nomads rarely grow them. They believe in keeping the original flavour of the meat therefore spices, purees etc are not used; they feel that salt and pepper are sufficient to keep the taste of meat intact. If you are invited on dinner then you are surely to be served the best of the food because the food is the outcome of lots of hard work.

They serve good and long feasts

When it comes to meat then they prefer the mutton, lamb, horsemeat, beef, goat meat and yak meat over any other meats; fishes are generally available and consumed in the areas near rivers and lakes. Meat being the central element doesn’t mean that their dishes are limited; they consume meat in boiled, grilled, dried, smoked, fried forms. Since the nomadic culture and way of living is full of hard work therefore it is very important for them to consume high calorie food especially at higher altitudes. Few of the vegetables which Kyrgyz people have started cultivating are onions, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, cabbage etc. Wheat and corn are the major ingredients which are used to make bread; corns are used in very less quantity only. They are expert bakers and make various kinds of breads at home in pots or cookers or tandoori ovens.

Hospitality is a Kyrgyz tradition and the guests are made to sit at the place of honor that is an area opposite to the door in a room. They serve lavish feasts which means a variety of dishes and beverages which can include salads, breads, snacks, appetizers, tea, juices, soft drinks, kimiz, bozo, mineral water etc. Kimiz and bozo are special Kyrgyz drinks which are made from fermented mare’s milk with wheat and millet. Kyrgyz feasts are considered to be longer ones which means that they can last from anywhere between three to seven hours as once they start serving, they do the best with so much on the platter. Drinks when served are supposed to be accepted and are consumed without any limitations or restrictions. You should surely give Kyrgyzstan food a try since it has its origin from many different cultures in a nomadic way.


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Kyrgystan holds for countless chance for vacation. It is a jagged Central Asian country across the Silk Road, the prehistoric business way in in between Mediterranean and other parts of china. The Tian Shan Mountains, which encompass the previous caravan route and govern the nation, are house to snow leopards, lynx and sheep. Inside the south, the millennia-old city of Osh possesses a massive, hectic bazaar that was a cease on the Silk Road.

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