What we do

We produce awesome shiz!

How we roll

WE like hats, and we laugh lots.
We wear polka dots, a little too much.

We eat cake, during heartbreak,
and takes a pick, to smile in a click.

We got moves, got nothing to prove,
say only a fool, follow every rule.

We choose to sparkle, in all these shambles
and sometimes mumble, for we lost our marbles!

Bakit? Bakit hindi?

Held last April 11,2015 at 6:00PM, “Bakit? Bakit hindi?” is a free-themed 14-day show that aims to stimulate response ⸺ be it positive or negative ⸺ from the audience. The title illustrates a common exchange of conversation between the typical and the creative, issuing a challenge to break away from conventions. Directing the spotlight to up-and-coming new generation artists, we aim to transform ideas from the confines of the norm and tradition to a more evolved means of communication through different mediums. After a successful debut show last year at Heber Bartolome Gallery on Banlat Road, we, the Loose Marbles Group, have once again rounded up a number of artists to collaborate, explore and experiment on different mediums to express our beliefs, enhance our skills and break the wheel of monotony.

This sentence is false

Our very first art show held at Heber Bartolome's Gallery, 170 Banlat Road, Tandang Sora Quezon City last April 12,2014. This is an art exhibit. Kindly leave all your expectations at home if you decide to come. We value open mindedness, smiles, and sense of humour. Prepare to shake hands and stare at the ceiling with us.