Hassan Mahmood

Master student at University of Southern Denmark - Campusvej 55, Odense M 5230 Denmark


I’m a 27 years old student at the Southern University of Denmark, where I’m currently doing my master thesis in global marketing management. I have chosen to do a market analyses of whether the Danish market is profitable for an Islamic Bank to enter, and as well whether there are some complications regarding the law and regulations from the government in Denmark. 

Purpose of contacting

I’m writing to You because I can see that Your institute is one of the biggest Islamic finance institue in Europe. I’m writing to You with that hope that it is was possible that I could do an interview with one of Your employee, who can answer me on some general questions on the considerations You do when you choose to enter a new market. The interview will not take more than 30 minutes. 


The report will of course will available for You in English before submitting it. The research will also include some other surveys, interviews and analyses of the regulations in the economy sector in Denmark. Which You can take advantage of if it falls into Your interests.  It is possible for me to come to the UK for doing the interview. 

I hope that it will be possible and are looking forward to Your reply. 

Thank You


Hassan Mahmood