Ma Medine's

West Indian Asian Fusion Cusine

Experience the savoring taste of Trinidadian tradition with Asian fusion inspired dishes.

Chicken & Beef Takeout Entrees

All entrees include two sides and bread

Mild "Jerkin" Chicken- 8

Spicy "Jerkin" Chicken- 8

Stew Chicken- 8

HG ( Honey Garlic Chicken) - 8

Oxtail- 12

Seafood Takeout Entrees

All entrees include two sides and bread

Ginger Steam Fish Taco (3)- 11

Ginger Steam Fish wrap (2)- 11

Mild "Jerkin" Shrimp Kabob- 4

Spicy "Jerkin" Shrimp Kabob- 4


Peas and Rice- 3

White Rice-3

Cabbage w/ smoked turkey- 3

Plantains- 4

Pineapple Peach Mango Salsa- 5

Festival Bread- 1.5

Honey glazed cornbread- 1.5


Ma Medine's Cusine

Traditional Trinidadian cuisine with an Asian fusion twist.


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