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At Red Lantern Bicycles, we believe that bicycles are one of human kinds’ greatest inventions.

We also believe that they are the best way to get around this great city. That’s why we specialize in helping you, the commuter.

All of our bikes are built with the ruggedness of the city and the shrediness of you in mind.

Our bikes are built for the commuter and are designed to be used as a utilitarian machine.

We specialize in making bikes as useful and as functional as possible. We know that because of what we do to your ride, your livelihood will improve. And we know that our bikes are making other peoples lives better.

We have lots of answer to any questions that you may have. We are more than happy to chat-a-chat-chat with you all day long about all things bike. Because here at Red Lantern, we’re all about the bike love.

What's In A Name
The store is named for the esteemed lanterne rouge of the Tour de France, where cyclists long vied for the more memorable and distinguished last position, the symbol of perseverance and tenacity.

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