Apply To Be A Tutor

We are currently looking for motivated math tutors!


  • Thank you for your interest in working with us!  We are seeking to work with outstanding educators who want to provide supplemental services to the community.  After more than 20 years of being in the tutoring business, we are able to provide a platform for motivated individuals to start a side business at no cost.
  • For most of our existence, we served the Capital Region of New York State (see  The pandemic allowed us to expand our reach through virtual means.  We now have a goal of supporting 100 educators (mostly math tutors) in multiple geographic locations.  Our tutors must be comfortable meeting in person, via virtual platforms, or phone.
  • You must be able to tutor some level of math in order for our relationship to be beneficial.  


1. Complete an application.  Include 3-5 references with emails  We reserve the right to perform a background check.

2.  We will contact you to set up an interview and further describe the process.

3.  Upon acceptance, we give you a one page website to set up.  Your site will be linked to our various sites.  Decide on a domain name for your site.  

4.  When a client requests you, we send you their contact information and ask you to contact them immediately.  

5.  If the client is a good match, set up the first session, state your rates, and describe payment methods.  Let us know you are set up so we don't have to find another tutor.

Standard Rates:

Individual     $60/hour   (You make $39)

Group of 2   $50/student/hour   (You make $65)

Group of 3   $40/student/hour   (You make $78)

Group of 4   $35/student/hour   (You make $91)

***Our incentive programs can raise the tutor's rate significantly.

6. Each Thursday, we will send you a link to pay commission (35% of amount collected) via PayPal.  Our incentive programs can lower commission significantly.

7. We will meet with you regularly in person or virtually to encourage you and provide advice on how to build your business.

8.  Consider recommending one other educator to work with us.