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Steve Holman Scam - Losing Weight

There are mainly three reasons for the just mentioned hormonal imbalances, and impaired organ function:

Prolonged stress

Chemicals in our environment

Nutritional Deficiencies

Prolonged stress can lead to reduction in adrenal gland, causing imbalances in the secretion of stress hormones. This may in turn affect the secretion of sex hormones and thyroid hormones. And it is the thyroid gland which controls ämnesomsätningen. Many women who do not lose weight or not feeling well is a need to primarily reduce the long-term stress. Chemicals in the body increases inflammation and can interfere organ function. Especially the thyroid gland is sensitive to chemicals. Nutrient deficiencies are not an uncommon cause of metabolism and other bodily functions is not fully operational. Low carbohydrate diets you can not help themselves to these imbalances but targeted nutritional supplements should be are addressed to each one.

Some women need injections of bio-identical hormones for dealing with imbalances. For more information, refer to an expert dietician or nutritionist. But before we can take action in nutritional therapy or hormone therapy should go through a checklist of common causes of non-weight loss.

Overall checklist when you can not lose weight

This is your overall four points, you should go through.

1. Begin eat low carbohydrate diet to lose weight. Choose the version that suits you depending on how much excess weight you have and whether you exercise or not.

2. Make the stress test (PDF). Suggests the results that you have too much everyday stress (to be assessed by a specialist), you should together your diet rescheduling also deal with stress management - how to reduce the amount of stress in life, but also how to better deal with the stress you have. Of course, continue with dietary change, because you will still assimilate several health effects of low carbohydrate diet. But with high stress, you will not reach your full health potential through low carbohydrate diet and may not lose weight as you would expect.

3. Make sugar addiction test (PDF). Suggests the results that you are sugar addiction, you need to understand the dependency (the test should ideally be assessed by an expert therapist). Of all people have 25% a low sensitivity to sugar (normal state), that is, they can eat up half of a sweet dessert and then decide to leave the rest. Of all people are 50% sugar sensitive (social addicts), they may find it difficult to stop eating sweets when they are available, but these people never let the consequences of sweet tooth go too far. The remaining 25% of all people are dependent genes, that is, the ability to be highly dependent on the "drugs". If you are dependent on sugar under test can it be that your craving is still strong and that you find it difficult to stick to a low carbohydrate diet. Contact a dependent expert. Of course, continue with the reorganization of low carbohydrate diets anyway, but you should know that low carbohydrate diet does not solve the sugar addiction. It requires other tools for that Go on Our Official Webpage

4. Go through the control points A to F below. Whatever the results of the stress and sugar addiction test, you should go through the control points A - F and ensure that no content of these points prevents your weight loss or make it less effective.