Every Woman Deserves Her Own Advisory Panel

As part of 40:20 Vision's mission to facilitate mentoring between generations we offer live mentoring events geared to women who share a passion for driving professional growth.

7x7 Mentoring Salons are a unique, small group experience that bring together 7 mentors and 7 mentees to provide actionable advice in a collaborative, non-judgmental setting.  It's a chance to get issues on the table and get feedback from a diverse group of women who are a step ahead in their experiences and skill sets.

The goal of 7x7 mentoring salons is to fill the gap between the number of women who seek mentoring and experience women who are available / accessible for mentoring. We have found that you can make a difference in just one mentoring exchange and that a more organic structure can allow for natural relationships to forge. 


Salons have been held on topics from entrepreneurship and career change to personal finance and leadership. Each session is curated and based on the questions and issues facing the mentees. 

Available on an on-demand basis or to bring a unique mentoring perpective to corporate mentoring programs. 

Contact me if you are interestedin being a mentor or mentee for an upcoming session or if you have a group of mentees interested in a specific theme. 

Corporate 7x7 Mentoring 

• External: Provides the external perspective and access to diverse experience that millennials seek while connecting to our highly curated, proprietary panel. This provides a safe space to share and seek personal growth advisement and coaching.

• Internal / Multi-Functional: Provide access to cross departmental role models and leaders and expose women to a variety of perspectives within the organization. This creates a forum to find natural connections to more ongoing mentorship opportunities.

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