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The Gesture & The Citizen is a multi-platform experiential learning tool based in concepts from movement analysis and choreography. An applied dance theory course for pedestrians, a social hang for dance geeks, The Gesture & The Citizen is also a blog and a speakers' series. In 2012, G&C teams up with Show Box LA to produce Wild Mind, a series of three live discussions about dance, innovation and society.

If you are looking to join us for the events, the web-based course, the streaming video or all of the above, you have come to the right place.

Our first event was on May 5th at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA with Cari Ann Shim Sham* & David Roussève. This dynamic duo worked together on a few different types of dance projects, each containing dance and film: one for the stage, the other as docu-dance drama. We were excited to talk with them about the placement of a screen in a piece, physically, temporally and metaphorically versus staging dance for/on a screen. Have a peek at the clip below.

Coming in the fall, we will chat with performance architect Sheron Wray and technologist Leslie Spring. Join the mailing list for details on this, and our upcoming fundraiser with One Day On Earth in June.

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Social terrains and their topography, geographies of meaning; chronological yet cyclical, mundane yet fabulous in their repetitiveness.  We journey from the muscles to the fluid; from the daily to the extraordinary; from action to performance.  We shape shift every nanosecond without the slightest bit of awareness as we play out moving from one point to the next, figuratively and literally.  Maneuvering. Walking …?Sauntering.

Two Seconds After Laughter

Excerpt from Discussion



Reading for the 1st pre-event webinar
Wild Mind Course One

Come stroll with us. Sign up for information about the G&C.


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