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At I provide the advice and experience to design and implement Identity & Access Management and Service Integration for Internet and Extranet web solutions.

I help you design and build your Access Management infrastructure and your B2B integrations with the right combination of on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures. Technically I am very well versed in Microsoft's platforms, tools, and services, such as SharePoint, .NET, Azure ACS, and ADFS.

The in-person advice mostly comes from me, Niels Flensted-Jensen. Development and Operations provided by clever people in India, Argentina, and the US. Hosting and Infrastructure Services are provided by Microsoft Windows Azure.

Next Generation IAM Cloud Infrastructure

Founded on our experience and creative abilities, we are now building the next generation cloud based User and Identity Management solution on top of Microsoft Windows Azure's built-in login service, AppFabric Access Control Service.

If you want to benefit and influence, let us know. Fame, glory, more revenue to you - a little money to us.

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