Treeshake is the nucleus of a number of educational ventures and companies, that share infrastructure, ideas and ideals. From business school programs; partnerships with major corporate companies; custom programs and workshops designed by our faculty; open education advocacy; to thrilling field-trips and citizen-science expeditions. 



Our approach to learning is experiential, practical and inspirational. We craft rich educational experiences that bring together culture, commerce, business and (um, maybe a disproportionate measure of) technology to illuminate productive breakthroughs. 

Actually MAKING stuff while learning, is one of the most time-honoured ways of ensuring the knowledge is relevant and remembered. We make our programs project-driven and immediately applicable wherever possible. 

Each of our ventures, is driven by an energetic vision to offer our clients and partners effective ways to weed out stale superstition, with fresh skills and well-equipped curiosity. 

We're smitten with the benefits of mind-altering education experiences, and keen to share the thrills. We've learned that it's better together. Come join us...


Delighted you asked! It's inspired by Nelson Mandela’s birth name, Rolihlahla, which means “pulling the branch of a tree”, a metaphor for shaking up the status quo.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Mandela

The great man’s confidence in the might of education, is core to our quest. Learning that is rich in context, not just content, is the kind we care about, and strive to create. The kind that can help us marvel at our place in the world, and defy improbable odds with our applied imagination and skill.
Education that advances healthy progress, and edifies our humanity.
(Not exactly the easy, low-hanging fruit variety, but life is too short to aim low).