Too Much to Do, Too Little Time?

So you're not alone!  Couples, singles, families, retirees -- we've all known for a while that the more we do with friends, loved ones, projects etc, the less time there is for all those (ugh!) household chores that... just... keep... piling up, right?

And that's why more and more Roswell Area homeowners are glad to give us, LIFE MAID SIMPLER, a try! They'll soon see that we follow through on our motto 'Keeping Homeowners Proud'.

We're proud to make you proud.

At LIFE MAID SIMPLER we carefully choose each maid housekeeper, based on her skill, experience, positive work ethic and verified background. With each completed 'Maid Day' we always welcome your comments on the quality of service you've received.

Picture yourselves & your home with LIFE MAID SIMPLER . . . (right tab)

Weekly Service

You've just enjoyed another great weekend catching up with friends and family, but these precious times can take a toll on your home. So don't let that great weekend be a spoiler -- let LIFE MAID SIMPLER put that sparkle and smile back in your home with a weekly freshen-up. 

What time will you arrive?

Our normal weekday working hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. If you need a specific time, it needs to be for first thing in the morning, since later starting times may vary.

What about my pets?  

We love pets, but on 'Maid Day' we find it's best to leave inside pets crated for their own protection and ours. Thanks for your understanding.  


Every Other Week (Bi-Weekly)

Our Bi-Weekly service is perfect for anyone just looking for a simple, economical way to keep that home-sweet-home looking its beautiful best.

What should I do before you arrive?

Please double-check for any loose clothing, toys, glassware or other household items, since our maid housekeeper won't be familiar with where they go, and is normally unauthorized to go into drawers or closets (exception: Move-In Service).

Do I have to be home?

Nope, but either way is fine. Many folks actually prefer returning home and finding everything sparkling clean, ready to enjoy. We make confidential arrangements with you for home access, then confirm your outside phone number for any questions.

How many maids will you be sending?

We normally send one thoroughly skilled and experienced maid housekeeper who takes the time to do the job right.

Do I need to leave anything for you?

Yes, please leave your favorite furniture polish out (on the kitchen counter is perfect), along with your check in an envelope to LIFE MAID SIMPLER; no tip expected, but if you insist, please leave it outside the envelope. Thanks!


Please Note:  In case of mildew, our maid housekeepers are unauthorized to carry or use bleach -- that's for your protection, to avoid any chance of permanent stains on those beautiful interior fabrics. Instead, if you sight any mildew, a few days before your next Maid Day, following manufacturer's precautions, apply the bleach only where needed -- with adequate ventilation, of course. Thanks for your understanding.


Move-In Service

Protect yourselves -- there is simply no better time to clean this house than now.

With LIFE MAID SIMPLER's professional Move-In Service, you and yours can start out in a clean, sanitized home. For starters, it's an ideal time to clean the refrigerator and cupboards, but we also clean the rest of your move-in home including drawers and closets -- all those areas that may not have seen a cleaning cloth in quite a while.  

So call us, okay? 678.200.2227

That gets you a free phone consultation.  Summing up, at LIFE MAID SIMPLER, our cleaning quality is excellent, our rates are competitive, and we still believe in service with a smile. Hope to talk to you soon!