Comunidad Dia Nuevo

Una comunidad de fe en el Presbiterio de Chicago. A community of faith in the Presbytery of Chicago.

Welcome | Bienvenidos

Comunidad Dia Nuevo is a Spanish-Speaking new worshipping community of the Presbytery of Chicago comprised of first generation immigrants from Colombia, Venezuela, and Guatemala. During the pandemic times, our leader, Elias Cabarcas, started to gather with new immigrants from the area for Bible Study and prayer with the help of members and friends of Elmhurst Presbyterian Church. Many friends at Elmhurst Presbyterian Church helped some of the friends at Dia Nuevo get settled with furniture, clothes and other resources. In time, the community has grown and we’ve now expanded to about 30 worshipping members. We are excited to have our own building where we can worship and grow and reach out into the community. We worship together, serve our community together, and share the love of Christ. We’re looking for individual and church partners who can help support our ministry with financial gifts, food donations, and other gifts in kind. Read on for more information on how you can get involved!



Food Ministry + Easter Baskets

We have a small food ministry at Dia Nuevo. We provide temporary food assistance for people in need. We are looking for churches who would like to support this ministry by having a one time food collection or by sponsoring the ministry financially. A gift of $500 supports our food ministry for one month. We are also putting together 50 Easter baskets for our community. Each basket costs $50 to put together. Please see the donate link on the righthand side of this page to donate to our food ministry.