RealPopup LAN chat

About Us

Hi, while working in the office, I have to send different documents, folders, videos, photos to my colleagues. And we use the program RealPopup LAN chat. See more information here: https://www.realpopup.it

RealPopup lan messagig app is an office communication for modern enterprises; You should be able to call your employees for meetings or update a group of projects quickly, easily and securely. As we all know, IM Internet applications are not necessarily fast and secure, and security issues are becoming more urgent, many companies are looking for reliable alternatives.

This happens when logging into the LAN messengers. Local chat RealPopup is an application that does not require an Internet connection or an application server, which makes it safe, fast and does not require diverting funds. Just install the program on every computer on the network and start using it. RealPopup LAN chat has an attractive, easy-to-use interface and is so user-friendly that your employees can customize it themselves, but it also offers a powerful set of features that simplify administration. And it will not cost you a fortune.

This local area messaging tool also offers the security levels needed for business communications. Security is provided by the AES encryption algorithm, which means that eavesdropping and leaks are minimized. Since RealPopup LAN chat does not require an Internet connection, your employees only communicate with people on the local network, avoiding distractions and productivity.

Internet bandwidth does not change, and instant messaging is always fast. The program also allows you to set up groups and distribute rights, replicate the structure of your company and ensure that private and group channels receive only messages intended for them. And all correspondence is archived, and magazines are available for viewing at any time. You can also easily import and export LAN chat settings, making it available for transfer to another computer on the same network. File transfer is also a breeze; during a conversation, simply drag the file to the message interface. If you are looking for a safe and easy-to-use LAN messenger that will not record a hole in your pocket, RealPopup LAN chat may be the answer to your prayers.