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August 22nd, 2012

Onepager of the Week: Artisan Mori


This week’s Onepager of the Week is from a very creative Parisienne tile contractor.

Why we like it

Artisan Mori looks like a master in their tile-working business and also in the use of an amazing background image for their Onepager. Within just a few seconds, the user knows exactly what their small business does thanks to the gorgeous tile image with just one small slice remaining to be laid.

The other aspects of the website that we really enjoy is their use of colors and typography. The balance between the script typeface for their company name and the elegant sans serif in the body area works extremely well. The earth-toned color palette matches the background image, creating a very nice and cohesive look for the website.

Mobile devices

Mori Artisan’s site looks phenomenal on a mobile device. All of the text is large and legible, the unique characteristics of the site shine through on the smaller screen, and the photo gallery works great as well. We think this is one small business that represents themselves very well with their simple mobile website.

Great job Mori Artisan with your small business website from Onepager!

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