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November 23rd, 2012

Onepager of the Week: Mi Taxi


A gorgeous background image make a great foundation for this simple website from Colombia.

Why we like it

Mi Taxi is a Colombian-based taxi service and they’ve done a great job building a beautiful site for their small business. The first thing we really love is the very strong and memorable background image they’ve chosen. With the taxi sign clear in the foreground, the background of lights blur and you can imagine the excitement of driving the city at night. The photo is really quite emotional.

We also enjoy the matching color scheme in the logo, tagline, and text within the site. Speaking of text, they did a great job keeping it light and concise. For a taxi service, it doesn’t seem there would need to be too much content that would ultimately get in the way of what the user wants: to see where the taxi drives and a phone number to call them.

Mi Taxi on mobile

The mobile site for a taxi service is critical. No one wants to browse a non-mobile optimized website while they’re on the go and Mi Taxi’s site doesn’t disappoint. The site looks just as good on mobile devices and keeps the content concise, which we’re sure their customers appreciate.

Great job Mi Taxi with your easy website from Onepager!

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