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December 20th, 2012

Onepager of the Week: Off-Centered Film Fest


This film festival used Onepager’s content types creatively to build a unique site for their upcoming event.

Why we like it

It always amazes us how people stretch the capabilities of Onepager and the site for the upcoming Off-Centered Film Fest is a great example of that. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Dogfish Head Brewery put this site together and the team creatively used text-based graphics to create some interesting titles for each of the sections of the site. We never really anticipated the images module would be used for that, but it works great!

Besides the text graphics, they use a great background that is just that, a background that compliments, but doesn’t over take the content in the foreground of the site. They also used photos and videos very effectively.

Off-Centered Film Fest on mobile

Once again, the site translates very nicely to mobile devices, from Android devices to iPads. The content is large, legible, and the photos look awesome.

Thanks to the teams behind the Off-Centered Film Fest for pushing the boundaries with their simple website from Onepager!

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