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October 25th, 2012

Onepager of the Week: OnePixelBrain


Simple, clean, and in Portuguese! This social media marketing site gets to the point in style.

Why we like it

OnePixelBrain is like a cool drink of water on one of these 92 degree/99.9% humidity days we get during the summers here in NYC. They did a great job keeping their site simple, clean, and cool. The slate grey background is the big thing that gives this feeling, but also contributing are their beautifully designed icons showing their work process. The background, text, and icons all have a consistent and calming look that tie the site together very nicely.

For the icons, they are using our updated Images module, which lets you display full sized images. Great to see it getting used!

OnePixelBrain on mobile

The site looks solid on mobile devices as well. The form is easy for users to see, fill out, and submit to OnePixelBrain for more info about their services.

Thanks to OnePixelBrain for using Onepager to create a beautiful simple website!

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