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August 29th, 2012

Onepager of the Week: Sunnyside Yoga


We’re noticing a trend of great yoga studios using Onepager, so much so that we’re getting close to getting our own yoga mats out of the closet!

Why we like it

SunnySide Yoga’s Onepager does a great job of giving a really positive image of their studio. We think the color palette is the biggest contributor to this happy feeling. You can’t feel anything but joy when you see a big sun shining down on you in the background of the page. SunnySide also does a great job using the two column layout: all of their reading content is in the left column while the right column holds all of their “call to action” content including the newsletter signup and the contact information.

SunnySide also runs a great newsletter using Onepager’s newsletter abilities. They frequently update their customers with their upcoming class schedule, specials, and other news and notes relating to their studio. They do a great job continuing the conversation with their customers even after they’ve left their website. This is a great way to continue to grow their business by nurturing the relationships with their existing customers.

Mobile devices

SunnySide’s mobile site is great for their customers. We imagine their customers being able to quickly pull up their site, scroll down and seeing the class schedule immediately. We’re not trying to be presumptuous, but we know we’d appreciate that simplicity as a customer.

Great job SunnySide Yoga with your small business website from Onepager!

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