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September 6th, 2019

The Top 5 Reasons Every Small Business Needs Online Classified Ads


Today, small businesses are faced with the difficult challenge of finding new leads for their business online – doing so in a very crowded space where only the highest bidder gets their ad shown to audiences searching for their service’s needs.

At Onepager, we believe in giving control to the small business by empowering them with the tools they need to drive new leads without having to pay high prices to reach end customers. In an increasingly digital age, sometimes old school tactics just need a bit of a facelift to be effective ways to advertise a business. We’re huge believers in online classified ads and here’s why:

  1. All the information at your fingertips, not stuck behind print barriers

    Let’s face it – fewer and fewer people are reading physical newspapers these days. Minutes that used to be dedicated towards opening your morning paper are now spent online going through the latest news headlines, memes and tweets of the day. If your business is only advertising through print classified ads, there’s a good chance it is cutting itself off from hundreds of thousands of views just sitting out there on the internet. Consumer eyeballs are now online and no longer looking at the physical paper while drinking their morning coffee on the porch.

  2. Lower costs with higher and more targeted audience reach

    Small businesses that have taken an online approach to advertising their services have probably learned that competing for headlining page results on today’s most popular search engines costs a lot of money even just to compete and have a chance at capturing a customer’s attention. By having your own dedicated classified ad page hosted online, you can save time and money by sharing your classified ad with targeted audiences found on social media, online forums, and other online communities who are looking for your services – all by simply sharing a link to your ad.

  3. Capture audience info right away

    With online classified ads, you can add fields easily to collect customer i information up front. Perhaps you are advertising a weekend sale and only hoping to extend the offer to the first 1000 people who sign up. By advertising such a promotion using online classified ads, you can simply add a custom field asking users to give their email address to be eligible for the offer. And boom! You now have 1000 people in your customer funnel interested in your services who are able to be contacted immediately – all through the magic of online classified ads.

  4. They look way better!

    By choosing to go with online classified ads, small businesses have the opportunity to customize nearly every aspect of an ad. From imagery to font choice to color palette, online classified ads can actually look like they are a part of your current small business’s aesthetic – and do not have to be stuck in the rigid formats of traditional print and search engine default designs. This all leads and contributes to higher engagement and conversion of views into actual business.

  5. Measurable results to grow with

    Online classified ads allow a business to see just how many people are engaging with promotions in real time. No longer is a small business tied to guessing how many people have viewed an ad. All of the data is at your fingertips with online classified ads. Deciding how much time to dedicate towards promotions, and measuring their effectiveness, is all made that much easier by having access to real time feedback.

To find out more about Onepager’s approach to online classified ads, click here.

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