How-To Videos

We built Onepager so that anyone can easily and effectively create a simple small business website. Our videos show how quickly you can learn to use Onepager if you need some extra help.

Adding & Moving Content

It's easy to add and edit sections of content for your website and this video will demonstrate how.

Changing the Look of Your Onepager

Onepager offers many preset themes for our users to choose from. You can also customize those themes to fit the needs of your business.

PayPal Buttons

PayPal buttons on your website are a great way to accept payments from your customers for invoices or other services you offer.

Embedding Audio & Video

With videos or music hosted on services like Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, or, you can embed them into your Onepager site.

Call to Action Button

You can collect payments or link to your reservation service by adding a Button Link to your Onepager website.

Creating Custom Email Forms

Set up a custom form for your customers to submit their inquiries and other messages.

Adding a Blog or Twitter Feed

Embed external content from a Twitter feed or Blog RSS feed.

Sending Newsletters to Customers

Learn how you can send a newsletter to all of your subscribers directly through Onepager.

Adding Images and Galleries

Learn how to use the Images module to add slideshows, galleries and images to your Onepager site.

Embedding an iFrame

iFrames are a great way to embed a Google Calendar, a ZocDoc widget or a Wufoo form.

Advanced Settings

Onepager has many specialty features such as Custom CSS, Custom Footer and Custom SEO Tags.