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Fishing and cooking guide

Fishing and cooking are made for each other! If you do one without the other, you may regret it in the future. Like other professions, cooking and fishing can be quite costly.

Guide updated for patch 4.2 www cataclysm
Cooking and fishing are always together - catch fish and fry it - better pump them together!
Leveling up fishing and cooking does not require a lot of intelligence :) but you have to grind a lot - throw a rod, catch, fry - repeat a million times :)
I will guide you through many lakes, trainers and NPCs who sell recipes for this guide. In general, you will have to cast a line thousands of times, catch fish and fry its brain over a fire until you reach skill 525.

Why go fishing?
Fishing and cooking is one of the most effective ways to make money. The author claims that it is possible to fish surfing sites by reading a book or sitting with friends. You can prepare raid food and sell it at the auction. Download fishing, if you really like it, otherwise, do not waste your time.

There will be presented one way of pumping fishing. If you want, you can swing fishing at any puddle of Ironforge or Orgrimmar. It doesn't matter where you fish, the chance to increase your skill per catch depends only on your current skill level — catch anywhere. It would be nice to rock your caught cooking fish, although you can auction it.

You will also earn some achievements by swinging fishing. For example, you can phish in Ironforge and fish for [Old Steeltooth] for the achive!

In order to fish best you should always use bait to maximize the number of fish you can catch.

Fishing and Cooking Guide (1-225)
Fishing Guide (225-325) and Cooking (225-300)
Fishing Guide (325-450) and Cooking (300-450)
Fishing Guide (450-525) and Cooking (450-525)

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The Alaska public ferry, much better than a cruise

There are not many solutions to visiting Alaska and the Yukon on a tight budget.

The major attractions are scattered and difficult to access, the roads few and public transport even rarer. The cities are also very far from each other and accommodation options for backpackers are rare.

The south and southeast are the most travelled regions: Denali National Park, Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula and Prince William Sound. Not only because they include many of the most beautiful sites, but also because they are the most accessible. As for the rest of the state, it is usually only explored on a second or third trip.

We can also add the Yukon, in Canada.

Consult our report Road trip in Alaska: exceptional roads around Anchorage.

Southeast Alaska

Hyder, Haines and Skagway are served by dead-end roads from neighbouring British Columbia, but all other locations can only be reached by ferry or plane. Make your choice!

- Ketchikan: the former "salmon capital of the world", born in 1883, is moored on the western coast of a large mountainous island barely separated from the mainland. Very humid (drizzle can settle there for days), it is nevertheless endearing with the wooden buildings on stilts of Creek Street, its three ports and its Tlingit totems (there are some superb ones nearby). Interesting stopover at the Deer Mountain Hatchery, a salmon hatchery. The fjords and the forest of Tongass invite beautiful hikes and kayak explorations.

- Misty Fjords National Monument: the fjords raise walls to 900 meters above the water, earning the nickname the “Yosemite of the North”. Rainy days are frequent. A frankly ideal place to discover by kayak. We get there by boat or seaplane from Ketchikan or possibly Hyder (near Stewart).

- Prince of Wales Island: this huge island (5,775 km²) is home to the archetype of communities devoted to the timber industry and sport fishing. A good part of the population is Tlingit.

- Wrangell: founded by the Russians in 1834, Wrangell lives mainly from wood and fishing. There is a museum, totems, petroglyphs nearby and even... a golf course (the only one in the region)! In the harbour, Chief Shakes Island is home to a beautiful reconstruction of a Tlingit chief's residence. 35 miles to the southeast, don't miss the extraordinary Anan Observatory, set up by the US Forest Service in the Tongass Forest. In summer, black and brown bears gather there to fish for salmon as they try to climb a waterfall.



Queen Charlottes Island, or Queen Charlotte Island, are the islands north of British Columbia and a few miles from the coasts of Alaska. Also known as the Galapagos of North America, they possess a beautifully wild and unspoiled nature and the very interesting and proud culture of the Haida People who inhabit these mysterious and enchanting islands called in their native language, Haida Gwaii. This territory off the northwest coast of the region constitutes a true bastion of Native pride in North America. It has always belonged to these populations who have lived there for more than 12,000 years. The Queen Charlottes Island park is one of the most beautiful in all of North America, the N ° 1 is among the most authentic destinations to visit in the list compiled by the National Geographic Traveler section. A park so pristine, that of the Queen Charlotte Islands that it is even partly unknown to the National Geographic experts themselves. The native Haida culture is present here in many sites with important artistic and archaeological finds. The main islands are 2 Graham Island and Moresby Island, but then there are a large number of other smaller islands that form the archipelago of Queen Charlottes islands

Why choose this trip:

Discovery of the Haida Gwaii Islands and the nature of western Canada

'Ksan, a historical village and a living museum of the Gitxsan indigenous people

Inside Passage Ferry

An excellent mix between city and nature

Haida Gwaii is an archipelago of islands off the north coast of British Columbia. Once known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, they are now named after the native Haida Indians. Graham and Moresby are the larger islands, with around 150 smaller islands making up the archipelago.

Haida Gwaii is a good place to see dugout canoes and huge totem poles; you may want to get some handmade jewelry from Haida. If you like the outdoors, Haida Gwaii is a good place for fishing or hiking in a national park.

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