About Onepager

Empowering small businesses to build great websites and have killer online presences. We work hard on our product so small business owners don’t have to work so hard on their websites.

We Are Dedicated To Small Businesses

Small businesses are important to their owners, customers and the communities they operate in. Many businesses aren’t found and appreciated because they don’t have a discoverable and quality website. We are working to make creating and maintaining a website as simple as it can be.

How We Got Started

We decided to start work on Onepager in mid 2011 after witnessing so many business owners struggling to get their businesses online. These business owners had many options, but none of them seemed to do the trick. They were either far too complex, too expensive, or suffered from big flaws in ease-of-use or technology. We thought something needed to be done!

It was pretty easy for all of us to get excited about the prospect of helping small businesses. All of us come from small business families and giving families like ours a great tool to help their companies seemed like a great and fulfilling opportunity.

What We Think About Software

Our team has been building web applications for most of our natural lives. That’s a long time to think about what software should and shouldn’t be.

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