Update Your Classified Ads Section to 2019 with Onepager Online Classified Ads

Here at Onepager, we know that one of the best ways to attract new customers has always been through the Classified section. We simply wanted to offer a modern take on it to help your newsroom increase the effectiveness of Classified ads and make it easy for any of your clients to have them up and running in seconds - with little to no management or maintenance required.

Onepager Classified Ads

Introducing Onepager Classified Ads

The best way to move print to digital. Have your print ads jump off the page and onto an interactive website where your clients can capture the necessary info to turn ads into converted business.

Fully customizable ads include ability to advertise business location, operating hours, offerings and even collect marketing information with opt-in fields such as e-mails, phone numbers and more.

Easy for any news team and client to manage - we put all the tools in your hands and will work directly with your team to get Onepager Classified Ads up and running for you almost instantly.

Onepager Drag Drop

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Increase your client revenue, retention, and ultimate satisfaction by using Onepager for your news team’s Classified section today.

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