Onepager How-To Videos

We built Onepager so that anyone can easily and effectively create a simple small business website. Our videos show how quickly you can learn to use Onepager if you need some extra help.

Adding & Moving Content

It's easy to add and edit sections of content for your website and this video will demonstrate how.

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Creating PayPal Buttons

Add PayPal buttons on your website to accept payments from customers for invoices or services you offer.

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Embedding Audio & Video

Embed videos or music hosted on services like Vimeo, YouTube, or SoundCloud, onto your Onepager website.

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Creating Custom Email Forms

Set up a custom form for your customers to submit their inquiries and other messages.

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Call to Action Button

You can collect payments or link to your reservation service by adding a Button Link to your website.

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Adding A Blog Or Twitter Feed

Embed external content from a Twitter feed or Blog RSS feed.

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Sending Newsletters To Customers

Learn how you can send a newsletter to all of your subscribers directly through Onepager.

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Adding Images and Galleries

Learn how to use the Images module to add slideshows, galleries and images to your website.

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Embedding an iFrame

iFrames are a great way to embed a Google Calendar, a ZocDoc widget or a Wufoo form.

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Changing the Look Of Your Website

Choose from our many preset themes and customize those themes to fit the needs of your business.

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Advanced Settings

Onepager has many specialty features such as Custom CSS, Custom Footer and Custom SEO Tags.

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