Build A Simple Auto Repair Business Website

Looking to create a simple website for your auto repair business? L&M Foreign Cars is an European import auto repair and service business. They use Onepager to balance beauty and function on their website. These are some tips on how to create a website for your automotive business.

L&M Foreign Car Service - Lead Generation

Convert website visitors into leads for your auto repair business.

Your automotive business website is a great starting point to generate leads for your physical storefront. L&M Foreign Car Service has implemented a few lead generation strategies.

L&M provides a clear call to action for website visitors to call them. A visitor can chat over the phone and then bring their car in for service. The auto repair website also includes a coupon for new customers.

L&M Foreign Car Service - Website Content

Provide the essential information your website visitors want.

Potential customers want to see information about your business to assess whether it fits their needs. Make it easy for them to find what your business does, the services you provide, and who you service.

Your website should communicate how your potential customers can contact you. It's also important to display your hours of service.

Dan Yonker Bookkeeping Services - Colors & Fonts

Create a cohesive design consistent with your auto repair business's brand.

The color palette and fonts for your automotive business website should tie in with your company's brand. Choose a handful of colors from your company logo or storefront. Then, incorporate them into your business website.

Select no more than 2 fonts to use on your website. Use legible fonts to create a simple design. Make sure your content is easy to read. Following these tips will improve the message of your site.

Dan Yonker Bookkeeping Services - Images

Enhance your website design with great images.

Great images can speak volumes for your site. Don't have custom photos for your automotive business? Photography websites like can help. Search for images with a consistent aesthetic to your business.

Photos and other graphics help visitors connect with what you’re saying on your site.

Don’t have photos for your business? A little effort could go a long way.

You should choose images that reflect your business functions. Be authentic with the content you put on your auto repair website.

For L&M, they could take photos of classic cars in Brooklyn or at their shop. With a smartphone camera, you can take great photos. The photos you take can be a great asset for years to come. They’ll also serve as a great memory for your business.

Dan Yonker Bookkeeping Services - Domain

Choose a website domain for your automotive business.

It's essential to have a small business domain that's easy to type. Avoid using hyphens. Stick with a ".com" version of your domain. Avoid words with multiple spellings or numbers. One option to try is a domain name including your location -

Once you have your .com address, you can use it in a number of ways. Include it on your business cards and other print materials. Tell your friends and family. Use it on any social media profiles you have for your business.

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