Build A Simple Barber Shop Website

Looking to build a simple website for your barber shop or hair salon? Onepager customer, Harvester Barber Shop, is a barber shop based in St. Charles County. They make excellent use of interactive elements, a branded theme, and informative copy to convert their customers.

Harvester Barber Shop - Business Information

Inform customers by addressing all their potential queries about your business.

A great website should offer all the information your target customers would likely be searching for. Company background, services, and location are all common. Have this information clear on your barber shop or stylist website. It helps ensure customers know enough to make an appointment or come in.

Harvester Barber Shop does this by using short and clear copy. They talk about the services they offer, how many barbers they have, and their operating hours. They also share that they’ve won local awards in their city. This helps appeal to customers and build trust.

Harvester Barber Shop - Convert Customers

Convert visitors into paying customers by making it easy to contact you.

It's important for motivated customers to be able to get in touch with your business. Be clear about how to contact you. You'll increase your chances of making a sale.

Harvester Barber Shop has made great use of 'space' in their website. They share their business information; contact number, email address, working hours, and days off. All of this is above-the-fold, which makes it easier for visitors. ‘Above-the-fold’ is a common term in websites and web builders. It means the content that appears before the visitor has to scroll down the page.

Harvester Barber Shop - Colors & Fonts

Engage visitors by using interactive elements on your website.

Many successful business websites incorporate interactive elements. These help increase engagement and can improve the overall user experience.

Harvester Barber Shop does this with clickable social media icons. Those icons link to their respective pages on Facebook and Yelp. They’ve also embedded their location on Google Maps. This makes it easier for customers to find their shop. Using services visitors are familiar with helps build trust. It also helps improve the clarity of your message.

They’ve also used a video news clip produced on their business. This is by KSDK, a local television station. This video creates more trust for the brand and helps increase emotional appeal.

Harvester Barber Shop - Images

Enhance your website by using brand colors, fonts, and imagery.

Websites come to life when you use well paired colors and fonts that match your brand. Use relevant and eye-catching images, backgrounds, and other visual content to continue the effect.

Don’t think you have a brand? Every business has one. Just look at your storefront, decorations, and items like your business cards. You may not have put much thought into it, but those elements reflect your brand. What is your brand? It's what you stand for and those items are how you visually represent it.

Harvester Barber Shop makes consistent use of blue and red in their website. Those colors are used in their logo and fonts. They’re tied back to the widely recognized symbol of a barber shop pole. They feature their pole on the outside of their shop.

They've also used photos of their shop to capture customer attention. These photos also show them what to expect before coming to the shop.

Harvester Barber Shop - Domain

Choose a website domain for your barber shop or hair salon business.

A short and simple domain name that’s easy to type and find is ideal for any business. Stick with a ".com" version of your domain. Avoid words with hyphens, multiple spellings, or numbers. Harvester Barber Shop has a great .com address with

Once you have your .com address, you can use it in a number of ways. Include it on your business cards and other print materials. Tell your friends and family. Use it on any social media profiles you have for your business.

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