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Onepager customer,, works out of the beautiful Snowbird Backcountry. They make use of modern marketing elements to introduce the special and unspoiled area to their customers. These are some tips on how to create a compelling website for your real estate business.

Snowbird Backcountry - Videos

Captivate website visitors with an engaging video.

Video is arguably the most engaging content on the internet. Use it to engage your visitors and take them as close to your business as possible. We encourage you to make sure you place it where it gets the most attention – above-the-fold.

Snowbird Backcountry has delivered in this area with a beautiful video of their region. The natural scenery combined with cheerful music creates a captivating experience. The video pairs with the convincing copy of "Private Hideaways. Breathtaking Views."

Snowbird Backcountry - Images

Deliver your message with custom images.

A good way to get your message across is to use quality visuals. They keep the user engaged while increasing the quality of your site. For real estate businesses, we recommend using custom property images. Aim to show the beauty of your properties to potential customers.

Snowbird Backcountry uses high-quality images under the Properties section. They pair those with small descriptions of each property. This description offers important details to the reader.

Snowbird Backcountry - Customers

Address all the concerns of your potential customers.

A great real estate website has all the essential information customers want. Who you are, what you do, where you're located, why customers should reach out to you, and how they can contact you. displays the broker’s contact information right at the top of the website. This is where potential customers can see how to get in touch with him.

Snowbird Backcountry - Colors And Fonts

Enhance your website design with the right colors and fonts.

Your website design comes to life when you use the right colors and fonts. Don’t have them clash with your brand’s look and feel. Make sure you use a contrasting background. This makes your foreground clear and easy to read. We suggest using a white font on a black background or vice versa.

For the font, Snowbird Backcountry has used the same green and white colors found in their logo. This looks well considered, on-brand, and evokes nature and serenity. They’ve also used a dark background to make the font stand out.

Snowbird Backcountry - Domain

Choose a website domain for your real estate business.

Find an available small business domain name that is easy to remember and simple to spell. Stick with a ".com" version of your domain. Avoid words with multiple spellings or numbers. Try a domain containing your name and type of service like

Once you have your .com address, you can use it in a number of ways. Include it on your business cards and other print materials. Tell your friends and family. Use it on any social media profiles you have for your business.

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