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Onepager customer,, understands the importance of delivering only the necessary information with a creative take on layout and design.

Dan Yonker Bookkeeping Services - Brand

Define a concise message for your company's brand.

Your accounting business’s logo and tagline should clearly communicate your name and business functions. Within the first few words of your description, your audience should know the primary service your business provides and who it services.

The introductory text from is a great example of concise brand messaging: "Dan Yonker provides bookkeeping and consulting for small businesses and organizations in the Portland area."

Dan Yonker Bookkeeping Services - About

The essentials: about your company, its services, then suggest an action.

Most of the time, your clients just want you to get to the point when looking through your company’s website.

The top 3 most important piece of content for your accounting business website are Services, About, and Contact. Effectively communicate what your business does, how you do it, and how your potential clients can reach you.

Dan Yonker Bookkeeping Services - Colors & Fonts

Create a simple color palette and use legible font.

The color palette and fonts for your accounting business website should tie in with your company's brand. Start with a base color from your company brand. Incoporate the necessary neutral colors (white and dark grey) and then add an accent color. Once you have the essential colors in place, you can attentively introduce more colors to your palette.

Your company's website should have no more than 3 different fonts. This is to prevent your website from looking clustered and illegible. A safe bet would be to choose 1 serif font for header text and 1 sans-serif font for body text.

Dan Yonker Bookkeeping Services - Images

Use images to help visually deliver your message.

Great images can bring attention to your website without tiring your audience. If you don’t have custom graphics or photos for your accounting business, search stock photography websites such as for images with a consistent aesthetic.

Choose images that reflect the demographic of your target audience as well as ones that reflect your business functions. For, they can potentially incorporate images of small business owners or storefronts set in a Portland backdrop.

Dan Yonker Bookkeeping Services - Domain

Choose a website domain for your accouting business.

It is essential to have a small business domain that is easy to type. Avoid using hyphens, stick with a “.com” version of your domain, and avoid words with multiple spellings or numbers. An option to try is to choose a more literal domain name -

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