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Onepager customer,, a US-based designer and consultant for sustainable landscapes, makes excellent use of colors and images to create an engaging website.

Marcy Denker Landscape - Website Copy

Captivate visitors with effective taglines and short copy.

A great tagline is catchy and tells visitors at first glance what your website and business is all about. Couple that with short and informative copy, and you have the perfect header for a simple website that gets you results.

Marcy Denker Landscape does a great job with creating an effective tagline, “Design, plant, and build with the health of the land in mind”, and no-nonsense copy that tells visitors what the business is all about: sustainable landscape consulting.

Marcy Denker Landscape - Build Credibility

Build credibility by showcasing your work and credentials.

It's often tricky to mention all the work you have done in your professional career without cluttering up your website. That's why it's important to only choose the best and most relevant achievements and qualifications to build credibility with potential customers.

Marcy Denker Landscape does this brilliantly by using simple bullet points, which are easy to read and effective. They've also used clear and concise headings that do the same work as the above, such as "Sustainability Coordinator, Villages of Nyack and Piermont", and "Green Infrastructure Planning Consultant".

Marcy Denker Landscape - Images & Colors

Enhance your website design with relevant images and colors.

Pictures speak louder than words. What you can't express in plain text, show your audience with a great visual. It enhances your website design, gets your message across, and keeps visitors engaged for a longer time.

Marcy Denker Landscape have showcased their work using beautiful images in the form of a slideshow. It's an effective way to engage your audience by making them interact with your site and showing them how great your work is. They've also added a friendly headshot that humanizes the business and puts a face to the name.

Also notice how they've creatively used a green, nature-themed image in the background and a similar color scheme for their entire website, including the font.

Marcy Denker Landscape - Contact

Convert visitors into customers by making it easy to contact you.

A great website is always designed to convert visitors into paying customers. One of the best ways to do that is by displaying all your relevant contact information on your site and making it easy for people to reach out, ask questions, or hire you.

Marcy Denker Landscape does this by incorporating all of their important contact information, such as phone number, email address, and location. Using Onepager's contact module, you can automatically populate a clickable phone number on your website. Site visitors can easily call your business as soon as they have an inquiry.

Marcy Denker Landscape - Domain

Choose a website domain for your lawn care business.

A short and simple domain name that's easy to type and remember is ideal for any business. Stick with a ".com" version of your domain, and avoid words with hyphens, multiple spellings, or numbers, just like

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